This book isn't about how to land a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. It's not about relationship "rules*" or "dos and don'ts." It's about learning how to spot your patterns, changing the unhealthy ones and for the ones you can't change..."owning your crazy."

Hopefully, through my personal, whacko dating stories, you can find the humor and a little comfort in the fact that we're all a bunch of silly, lying crazy-heads. And that's cool too. Plus there are some great illustrations from artist Cal Slayton!

*There are a few stupid rules for better kissing, etc. which the publisher wanted, but it's less of that and more concrete tips you can actually try: like how to successfully stalk exes, what to watch as a TV marathon when you're depressed, etc.

Oh and please, if you'd like to purchase this, please DONATE using "Friends and Family" on Paypal through my site and not in bookstores or elsewhere online. (The publishers went out of business - - hopefully not my fault - - and only here will you be helping a sister out. Do people still say that?) You'll get a PERSONALLY SIGNED COPY from me, plus it'll be TAX FREE! I just ask that you donate at least 5 dollars, to cover shipping/handling.

A group of funny comedians and I get together yearly to write and record hilarious sketches. There is something just perfect about this particular group of comics and having a CD with just one of them would be a treat. But here, you get ALL of them on one CD. Trust me, this is some funny shit. Please donate in order to receive a CD!

CD includes sketches with: Nikki Glaser, Henry Phillips, Greg Warren, Mark Gross, Chad Daniels, Tommy Drake, Jamie Lissow, Josh Arnold, Craig Peters, Saleem, Auggie Smith, Sarah Tollemache, Amanda Valentino, Isaac Witty and me!

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